Well pass a bucket of butter and sour cream and collect a bushel load of chives for this baby!  Meet the giant potato from the Famous Idaho Potato Tour.  This spectacular spud travels around on its wheeled semi trailer truck bed and visits towns around the country.  Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission and raising funds for charity Meals on Wheels, this tremendous tuber brings smiles to the faces of old and young alike.  And this thing is huge, oh yes!  Here’s some stats:

Truck Width: 13 ft.

Truck Height: 12 ft.

Truck Length: 72 ft.

Potato Growth Period if Real: 10,000 years

Number of Idaho Potatoes it Would Take to Match Giant Spud: 32,346

Average Baking Time: 2 years and 9 months

Weight (of the potato sans truck): six tons (12,130 pounds)

CONCLUSION: Giant Spud from the Famous Idaho Potato Tour weighs more than me.

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