For a little piece of plastic, these things make a very, VERY big noise.  Even for the little plastic version, sound pressure can reach as high as 120 decibels at 1 meter from the horn opening.  One might think that would be enough noise, but OH, NO. Not when crazed soccer fans and the companies who wish to market to them get involved.

So for the 2010 World Cup Hyundai set out to create the World’s Largest Vuvuzela, which is played at the beginning of each match.  There’s no question that this thing is big, at over 114 feet long.  It’s hard to say exactly how much it weighs, but given it’s size and the fact that it needs it’s own freeway to rest on, I think it’s safe to say it weighs more than me.  Check out the video:

Aside from the very large Hyundai Vuvuzela (which is some smart marketing by the way), there’s also the matter of the world’s largest vuvuzela concert.  A total of 12,511 people all managed to blow vuvuzelas simultaneously for a brand-new Guinness World Records-approved achievement.  So if we calculate a minimum of 100 lbs per person including the plastic vuvuzela, we’re looking at over 62 short tons of fun here!  So whether we’re talking about the Hyundai vuvuzela or the world’s biggest vuvuzela concert, we’re most definitely talking about something that weighs more than me.

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