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Well after the world’s largest pumpkin is grown, the world’s largest jack o’ lantern cannot be far behind.  This beauty was created by renowned carver Scott Cully.  The pumpkin was grown by Chris Stevens from Wisconsin.

Scott Cully has created several world record breaking jack o’ lanterns.  Scott got a the big carving bug when his wife brought home a 400 pound pumpkin in 1988.  Apparently, after a few bottles of high-end English hard cider he and his wife just started carving.  Cully’s pumpkins escalated from that day and he continues to carve larger and larger pumpkins.  Scott carves traditional jack o’ lanterns with scary faces and typically uses simple hand tools for the carving process.  Oh and by the way, Scott hates pumpkin pie.

The jack o’ lantern pictured in the video took two days to create (approximately one hour of carving per 100 pounds) and was displayed at the New York Botanical Gardens in October of 2011.

I don’t have a whole lot of stats on this beauty other than the fact that it weighed in at 1,810.5 lbs.  Oh, and the world’s largest jack o’ lantern weighs more than me.



The Fat Chick

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