Pictured here in concert with The Fat Chick at one of its other habitats: the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

The water buffalo is the largest of the Bovini Tribe which also contains African buffalo, yak, bison and other forms of wild cattle.  Both male and females feature large, backward curving horns–although the male horns are larger–stretching up to five feet from tip to tip.  Asked what a water buffalo eats, one might reply, “whatever it wants”.  However, the typical water buffalo diet includes water plants, herbs and grasses.  The water buffalo spends a lot of its life submerged in muddy water and has special wide-splayed feet that keep it from sinking too deep in the muck.  This would be a handy trait to have in our current political climate, I’m thinking.

Here’s the stats:

Length: 8 to 9 ft. with a tail about 2 to 3 feet long.

Height: 5-6.5 ft. at the shoulder

Weight: 1,500 to 2,600 pounds

Conclusion: The water buffalo weighs more than me.

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