Well along with the decades-long argument between Lebanese and Israelis about where hummus originated, we also have a battle for who can make the biggest hummus plate.  The Israeli’s launched the opening initiaitve in May of 2008–creating a giant 4 meter (4.35) yard plate containing 881 pounds of hummus.  (The Israeli’s love hummus with the average, per capita consumption hovering at about 22 pounds.)  But the Lebanese battled back in October of 2009 creating what is now considered the world’s largest plate of hummus.  Here’s the stats:

Hummus Plate
Number of Chefs: 300
Mashed chickpeas: 2,976 pounds
Lemon Juice: 106 gallons
Salt: 57 pounds

Total weight: 4,532 lbs.

Conclusion:  The World’s Largest Plate of Hummus–whether Israeli or Lebanese weighs more than me.

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