Normally we think of a cupcake as something sweet and diminutive.  Even cute.  But not THIS bad boy.  Introducing the World’s largest cupcake recently unveiled in Detroit, Michigan.  (Thanks Kat for sharing it on FB–at least virtually.)  Just take a gander at this recipe:
serves a whole lot
200 lbs. sugar
200 lbs. flour
200 lbs. butter
800 eggs

Mix in a really, really big bowl and bake for over 12 hours or until giant toothpick comes out clean.  Let cool completely.  (This could take a while.)  Cover with a small mountain of custard and frosting.

Here’s a few more stats:
Circumference: 11 ft.
Oven Door Size: 8ft. x 8ft.
Weight: 1,224 lbs.
Conclusion: The world’s largest cupcake weighs more than me.  (It’s probably a little sweeter than me, too!)

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