It may arguably be a stretch of the term vacuum cleaner, but some have suggested that world’s largest vacuum cleaner title goes to the Queen of the Netherlands.  You wouldn’t use this thing to clean your house, mind you.  It’s a dredger which is used to suck stuff up off the ocean floor.  And boy does this thing ever suck!

The dredge head is nearly 20 feet wide and and can dredge between 180 and 520 ft. deep.  (You know for that carpet with the really deep pile.)  And talk about housekeeping staff, this floating vacuum cleaner has a regular crew of 46 people!  Here’s some more stats:

Type: Hopper Dredger

Length: 756 ft. 11 in.

Width: 105 ft.

Capacity: 1,253,671 cu ft

Weight: 32,423 tons

Conclusion: The world’s largest (floating) vacuum cleaner weighs more than me. By the way, stay tuned for more in our “spring cleaning” series here on Fat Chick Sings.

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