Sorry for the schedule change kids.  But look at it this way, you’re not just getting the newest episode of “The Right Now Show” late, you’re also getting “Stuff that Weighs More than Me” early.  So look on the bright side.

And once again, for your viewing and imagining pleasure, I bring you a truly massive chocolate sculpture.  I bring you, the world’s largest chocolate bunny!  This guy was created in South Africa by artist Harry Johnson.  Apparently this sculptor is well known for creating sculptures really, really fast, so he was pretty excited about working in chocolate.

Harry says, “This was the first time I have ever worked with chocolate.  I would do it again in a heartbeat! Having worked with so many different materials, I was truly amazed as to what you can actually do with chocolate.”

Me too, Harry.  I am consistently amazed by chocolate.  Which possibly explains why chocolate has made such a frequent appearance on this blog, notably the world’s largest chocolate egg, the world’s largest chocolate kiss, and the world’s largest box of chocolates.  Actually maybe such a large amount of chocolate could turn me off.  World’s  Largest Chocolate Bunny (WLCB) co-creator Mark Fruhauf admits:   

“At the moment, I don’t like chocolate at all.  After that sweetness and working so intimately with chocolate for three days and that smell, no.  I’ve got to say I have a chocolate lying on my desk and I don’t want to touch it.”

So perhaps there is help for my unbridled desire for chocolate after all…

The world’s largest chocolate bunny was created in three days.  It contained an inner structure of powder-coated steel.  And here’s the stats:

Height: 12 feet, 5 inches (3.82 meters)

Weight: Over 3 tons

Conclusion: The World’s Largest Chocolate Bunny weighs more than me.

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