So some kids in Michigan decided to make a lemonade stand to raise money for their school, and get into the world record book.  So they decided to make the world’s longest lemonade stand.  Each kid bought an individual stand that was about 4 ft. wide and 7ft. high.  And ultimately, they sold 350 of them.  Add that all together and you get nearly ¼ mile of lemonade stand!  (I hope you’re thirsty!)
Okay, let’s do a little math to calculate the weight of this bad boy.  Each lemonade stand contained a sign 48” wide and 48” tall.  (That’s 16 square ft. of plywood)  The table top is 48” wide by 16” deep. (That’s about 5 square feet of plywood). 
*A common rule of thumb is a 4×8 foot sheet of 1/4″ fir plywood weighs 25 pounds. There are 32 square feet in a sheet, so a square foot of 1/4″ fir plywood weighs about 0.78 pounds.
This makes each stand approx. 15 lbs.  There were a total of 349 stands in the world’s longest lemonade stand.  So here’s the final stats:
Height: 7 ft
Length: 1400 ft.
Approximate weight per stand: 15 lbs.
Approximate weight of world’s longest lemonade stand 5,250 lbs. (excluding lemonade, stand attendant and decorations)
Conclusion: The world’s  longest lemonade stand weighs more than me.
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