The Fat Chick and family get back to nature

I often talk about balance on The Fat Chick Sings.  My husband just finished up a pretty intense gig and I knew he needed a break.  So the minute he told me the date of his last day, I announced that the day after his last day, we were going camping!

Now I love technology as much as the next chick.  Possibly even MORE!  And my husband works as a high level technology consultant.  But sometimes my little chicklettes, you need to unplug and get away from technology for a little while.  So we go camping.

We have a funny rule on our camping trips.  We only check cell phones/email one time per day and we only check our spouses email/cell phones not our own.  We know each other well enough to know what constitutes a real emergency and what can wait.  And then neither of us gets sucked down the rabbit hole of emails and electronic love that pulls us out of the moment.

So we unplug the technology, stoke the campfire, pour some wine into our plastic camp cups and sit.  We feel the breeze on our faces.  We trace the patterns in the stars.  We talk about everything and nothing.  We breathe.

I wonder sometimes if feeling the sun on our faces is something that we need for health.  Some casual googling reveals many folks believe that spending time in nature helps deal with depression, helps us heal, makes us feel more creative and may even help us live longer.

Now I’m not saying that camping and/or being outside is always awesome.  There are challenges (more on this tomorrow).  And I admit, it’s a whole lot easier to spend time outside when you live in Southern California than in many other places in the world.  But it seems like getting outside for just a few minutes each day might be a good addition to our list of healthy habits.

So my little chicklettes, I invite you to spend just a teensy tiny bit of time today feeling the sun on your beaks and the wind ruffling through your fluffy little feathers.  Take two deep breaths and call me in the morning.


The Fat Chick

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  • That’s a great idea, once a day and via spouse filter.
    I enjoy camping but not sleeping on the ground! Must invest in a cot or something.
    Do you sleep in a tent or RV?

    • We sleep in a tent on sleeping bags over a thin foam pad and 1″ self-inflating air pad. There are some great cots at REI and Walmart and if I didn’t toss and turn so much that might be a great option for me. We also do some camping where we have to carry in our stuff, so we need to keep our gear sort of light. I have a lot of friends who love their RV, but we haven’t invested yet. I understand you can rent RV’s via Cruise America and a few other sites. Have fun!

  • What a GREAT picture of you three!!!

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