There is no doubt that our country has been through some tough economic times lately.  Many of my friends are without work.  And many of my friends are working hard to make ends meet.  But I am continually astonished about how large a discrepancy there is among people I know who are struggling.  Some people, who seem to have plenty to get through today and probably tomorrow are in a deep panic about a slight economic downturn.  While some of my friends, some of my best friends, seem cheerful and at peace even when they have very little.  Those friends, who remain calm as they sell off the furniture and slap together another PB&J seem to know a special secret to happiness.  I call it the gift of sufficiency.  This is the gift of looking at what you have, atwhatever you have and calling it enough.

Now let me start by saying that the gift of sufficiency is truly a gift.  It is a privilege that not everyone is able to enjoy.  Not everyone in our world has enough to eat or to pay the mortgage or rent or to buy school books or doctor visits for their kids.  But that’s what makes it so vexing that some of us, who have so much, still don’t feel we have enough.

Now I’m not going to lie.  The gift of sufficiency is something that I’ve struggled with my entire life.  Not because I want a lot more stuff.  I have plenty of stuff.  And those closest to me can probably tell you, that I relentlessly get rid of stuff that is just taking up space in my life.  No, I struggle with the feeling that I won’t have enough to last through tomorrow.  I worry that I won’t have enough to help me deal with any financial emergency.  But I work diligently towards this gift of sufficiency.  Because when I look at the happiest people I know, they all share this gift.

So my little chicklettes, this week is “Basta” week.  We’re going to talk about having enough money, enough food, and how to cope when we’ve decided we’ve had just about enough of people trying to harsh our mellow.  But just for this moment, I invite you to take a little breath and be grateful for all the amazing things you have.  And just for this moment, thank the universe for giving you just enough.


The Fat Chick

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