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In Episode 6 of the Right Now Show, we address a viewer inquiry about exercising with chronic pain or disability.  We discuss strategies for exercising with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other sources of chronic pain, discuss the traffic light method for rating pain conditions and discuss techniques for getting the most out of your workouts.

Here are some other important resources for exercising with chronic pain:

This week I’m offering a special FREE BONUS VIDEO with additional information on exercising with chronic pain.

Here’s an extended (1 hr.) interview with me and Pain Specialist Dr. Paul Christo talking about coping with plus-sized exercise and chronic pain:

Here are some studies about the effects of exercise on chronic pain:

And here’s an extremely informative article about chronic pain and exercise technique:

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  • I never stop singing the tune about the benefits of exercising in water. I have fibromyalgia and sciatica, and I can do things in water that I could never do on land at this point, such as plyometrics and jogging. I happily exercise for an hour or more, whereas working out on a treadmill or elliptical is murder on my sciatica, and also causes me to be very sore for days afterwards.
    Walking on land using walking poles is good too, at least for me. The poles put my spine in proper alignment so I’m not slumping to one side to compensate for my sciatica. Also they take some of the stress off my hips because my spine is in proper alignment.

  • Thank you for this, Jeanette! The video and the links are a true gift! I got a serious giggle that I watched the intro thinking “wow, it’s like she’s talking to me personally!” and then I found out you were! 🙂 Thank you! The tips were very helpful!

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