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The video posted above is hilarious. I mean I LOL’d big time. But then I started thinking. I thought–what an amazing example of how our society filters information to confirm what we already believe. I mean nothing in the video is really proven. There’s no evidence that cats are better than dogs. And most of the stuff in the video is totally made up. The back story of the video is invented in a way that “proves” the central thesis of the filmmaker.

Sound familiar? I mean how often have we seen a video of a headless fatty shot from a low angle displayed in slow-motion? And how often is this video used to “prove” that there something wrong with bigger people? And how often are these videos accompanied by a completely manufactured back story that have no basis in actual fact?

So my little Chicklettes as funny as the “Scientific Proof that Cats are Better than Dogs” may be, I’d love for you to use it as a primer. Use it to learn how the media manipulates images to make us inferior or less than. How often are these images used to make us believe we have to run out and buy special products to change our lives? And please remember that clever use of Photoshop and editing software do not constitute “scientific proof”

The Fat Chick

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