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Hi everybody! I’m so excited to present the very first episode of my new web show “Right Now! With Jeanette DePatie AKA The Fat Chick”.  Hope you like it. If you’ve got some specific topics you’d like me to cover in the show, I’d love to hear them. And if you are willing to be interviewed for the show (via my super handy skype cam) I’d love to have you on! Just comment below or send an email to jeanette@thefatchick.com.

I also feel it necessary to talk about a few of the other incredibly awesome things we’ve got going on! First of all, on the Fit Fatties Forum, we’re still going strong with our Fit Fatties Across America project. In less than 2 weeks we’ve gone from New York City to Topeka, Kansas! Can you believe it? Don’t forget to enter your minutes or miles HERE by noon on Fit Fatties Fridays. Then check back after 5PM to see just how far we all have gone.

Next, I wanted to let you know that I will be presenting a teleseminar next week Tuesday evening at 5PM PST (8 PM EST).  I’ll be talking about setting safe, reasonable and fun New Years resolutions for fitness.  Click HERE to register.  There are limited slots and we’ve got a whole lot of people already registered.  So go on over there and register right away!

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Paper Mâché in a Big, Big Way is still going strong. We’d love for you to “liberate” diet books from thrift stores and resale shops (so no more money goes to the diet industry) and send them to us so we can use them to make the world’s largest paper Mâché sculpture. Or if you’d prefer, you can donate money and we will liberate the books for you! I know. There’s just so much awesome here, it can hardly be contained!

So hop to it my little Chicklettes.  Let’s get going, right NOW!

The Fat Chick

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  • You know what’s better than a Fat Chick blog post? A FAT CHICK VIDEO!! I will be watching with rapt attention! I can’t wait to see where you are headed, Jeanette!

    A topic that I would really love to see covered is fitness for people with chronic illness, or disability. I have fibromyalgia, and I’m a fat chick myself. I have yet to come across any type of exercise or fitness information for fibromyalgia that isn’t weight-loss focused.

  • How about discussing Type 2 Diabetes- I get everlastingly tired of being told”YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT!” and “YOU MUST EXERCISE!” If 57 years of dieting haven’t worked (I’m now 62), I doubt if that’s going to change and exercise is becoming more and more difficult since i can’t walk very far without pain.Enjoyed the video and thanks for everything!

  • Hello Jeanette-
    I am also a fat fitness instructor, and I really look forward to watching your show. I love the name and premise, as I can relate all too well- I wasted most of my 30’s ‘waiting for perfection’.
    Thank you for the work you do.

  • […] By the way, the petition to keep kids off The Biggest Loser is still live.  If you haven’t signed yet, you still can.  Why not do it Right Now? […]

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