Not all big girls have big cleavage.  But some of us do. And when we dare to reveal them in public, look out!  The morality police may just be on the way.  This week we’ve had yet another attack of B-BIP or Big Boobs In Public.  And while the world seems extremely tolerant of T-TIP (Tiny Titties in Public) B-BIP tend to fuel a stampede of blanket and towel wielding, hand wringing panic stricken people eager to cover those bad boys up.

Long ago, Elvira proved that Big Boobs in Public can be TERRIFYING!
Long ago, Elvira proved that Big Boobs in Public can be TERRIFYING!

Now here’s the thing.  Larger breasts make more cleavage.  So even if you cover the same amount of breast with a swimsuit top or a bra or a dress, it won’t look quite the same on a bigger rack.  And whether it’s the sheer size of those magnificent orbs or the fabric straining, engineering defying potential of them, B-BIP freak people right the f@#$ out.

Here are a few case histories.  Just this week a woman was kicked out of a water park in Independence, Missouri for wearing a string bikini.


Madelyn Sheaffer insists that plenty of other women were dressed in a similar manner but weren’t asked to leave or cover up.  She suggests that those women were both younger and skinnier.  And I have to confess, having been to a lot of water parks in Missouri, that this is likely to be true.  I’ve seen many skinny young things at water parks dressed in a similar manner.  But this woman presents a triple threat to American eyeballs.  She presents ECO B-BIP (Extremely Confident Older Big Boobs In Public).  OMGWTFBBQ!  She gives young people the idea that older people can still feel sexy!  She presents the notion that you don’t have to be stick thin to feel good in your body!  She’s got impressive ink on her torso!  Look away Johnny.  Just. Look. Away.

And B-BIP don’t just go to water parks.  They also try to go to prom.  Oh the horror!  Brittany Minder apparently terrified prom officials when she clad her B-BIP in a gorgeous, strapless, purple gown and tried to go to the big dance.


Now granted, there was a dress code in place, and Brittany even had to sign an agreement stipulating that she would abide by the dress code at the prom.  But Mindy and her most cool and righteous parents suggest that the dress code is not applied evenly.  They suggest that Brittany was forced to cover up at prom not because her dress was skimpier than many others who appeared at the prom, but simply because her chest was bigger.  Brittany’s mom offers this stunning and simple defense for her daughter’s B-BIP:

“All women are not created equal, and you can not compare a golf ball to a grapefruit. It ain’t gonna happen,” Kim Minder said.

B-BIP even terrify television executives.   A while back, Lane Bryant created an ad for its new line of lingerie.


Apparently both Fox and ABC refused to air the ad–claiming that the “plus-sized cleavage is too prominent”.  These networks both regularly air Victoria’s Secret ads featuring models in the same amount of clothing or even less.  There’s nothing offensive about the ad, unless you just can’t handle B-BIP:

This is much ado about much, says Peggy Wang in Buzzfeed: “There’s nothing too scandalous” in the ad — unless, of course, “giant boobs scare you.”

But that’s the thing.  Clearly giant boobs do scare us.  So I’m dying to know what you think my gentle readers.  Should we carefully cover and camouflage our BBIP you know cuz’ of teh children?  Or should we wear ’em out high and proud?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Meanwhile, I’m taking my B-BIP to exercise class.  Gotta bounce!


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  • Renée Landry
    July 6, 2013 9:46 am

    I’m always surprised at how much violence is judged to be OK in North America, and at the same time, how little sex (or sexual body parts) is tolerated. In my opinion, violence is so much more damaging. In fact, showing sexual body parts, even when children are there, is not damaging at all (of course, sexual abuse is another story entirely). It’s OK to be sexy, and it’s OK to have big breasts and show them! Breasts are not dangerous, they are feminine and beautiful. Women with big breasts should feel free to dress however they want. Big breasts do trigger a strong sexual response, in many cases, but so what? That’s just a part of life, and a beautiful one at that. People can and should deal with it.

  • Well said. As the owner of a pair of particularly bodacious ta-ta’s, I have often had to deal with the fallout (so to speak) brought about by having B-BIPs, let alone exposing some small but entirely g-rated percentage of my extensive cleavage. Now that I am mature in years, the ECOB-BIP syndrome is rearing its ugly head. It’s been clear to me for years that people don’t judge you by what percentage of your boobage is exposed, but how big the boobage is, and by how big the body is that holds the boobage. It’s not my biggest gripe about anti-fat bias, but it’s one of them…

  • I am normally very liberal and believe in every one’s rights to the extreme. But, lordy, I am tired of seeing cleavage! Cleavage in my son’s school…cleavage in Target…cleavage when I eat out. I especially cringe when cleavage comes calling for my twins. It has nothing to do with size, I just think cleavage isn’t an every day event! lol Save it for something big…I think the pun is intended.

    I think cleavage in a gown is stunning. But otherwise…not so much!

    Flame away! 😉

  • brittlestar42
    July 7, 2013 7:00 am

    I’m in agreement 100%. There seems to be these arbitrary rules applied whenever westerners see more flesh. Bigger boobs? Bigger butt? Bigger body? Cover it up! No one wants to see that! etc, etc. It’s ridiculous. Advertisers pay through the teeth to get a spot during the televised Victoria’s Secret “fashion show” every year, where plenty of skin is shown in the smallest panties and tightest push-up bras possible. Yet show a plus size model wearing Lane Bryant underwear and suddenly it’s “too much,” “too risque,” “we can’t show that much flesh on tv!” This fucking fear of fat bodies and the supposed “sexuality” that accompanies them has got to be eradicated NOW.

  • As your hubby, love all of you no matter what. It’s interesting how ‘things’ are censored in life. For instance, just tried to use this post in a facebook advertisement, and it got denied. This would not be a problem in Finland, or Norway, or frankly probably most of the rest of the world. Why the US stills adhers to this Puritan view on the world and how sex (as in the differences between boys and girls) is BAD, I really don’t know.

  • Excellent read! You are so right on the money with all of this too. Big boobs are under attack everywhere. I’m afraid I might lose the only job I have because of big boobs. Of course they disguise it as another reason, but I have proof it wasn’t any of the other reasons they tried to play on me. Dress code was black-I wore black. They tried to say it was a see thru dress, I got pictures and it wasn’t, I also stood in the light and let another person tell me if it was see thru-it wasn’t. When it came down to it-It was the boobs and they cannot deny it now. Discrimination against big boobs sucks. WE CAN’T HELP IT PEOPLE -IT’S YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS. GET HELP FOR IT. LOL

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