Under there is your underwear!  In our ongoing series on sexy, I want to tell you one thing.  Even if you’re the only one who sees them, you need some sexy drawers my friend.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a $1,000 shopping expedition to Victoria’s Secret.  (Which doesn’t carry anything in my size anyways, except maybe the breath mints…)  And I’m not saying you need to wear a thong if that’s not your thing.  But a little effort here goes a long way.  Dudes, clean goes without saying.  And if the boxers don’t fit, ya gotta toss it.  And ladies, let’s just talk quietly and frankly about HGPs (huge granny panties).  In a word, um, no.  Even if nobody but you will see them, how are you going to feel sexy in those things?  Can you find something with a little lace?  Maybe at least wear a bra and panties in the same color family?  And most importantly, can you wear something that fits?  I’m telling you pulling your unmentionables out of your nether regions is a no no.  Even though it can constitute both exercise and flexibility training, it does NOT feel sexy.  Spend the time to find the right bra and panties.  And when you find some that fit, buy about 80 sets because 2 days after you fall in love with that model, they will inexplicably stop making them.  Don’t ask me why.  But it’s as sure as bird poo on your freshly washed car.

So why am I mentioning your unmentionables?  And why spend all this energy feeling sexy?  Because feeling sexy makes you sexy.  And being sexy is AWESOME.  Okay my little chicklettes.  Go get some sexy gear on.  (A feather boa is always a nice touch.)  Because you’re worth it.

The Fat Chick

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