Spent the day at the horse races at Santa Anita Park.  We had won some tickets to the fancy “Turf Club” at a silent auction at my church.  Everybody was dressed to the nines and I couldn’t help thinking about the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.   [Watch it Here.] I even had my very own Eliza moment as our long odds horse came up from the very back to come in second. 

And as I was watching and sipping champagne and all-around enjoying our very successful and fun day, I kept thinking about what Eliza says in that scene.  C’mon, Dover!  Move your bloomin’ arse!  And you know, for all the thousands of pages of advice about how to stay healthy and happy in this world, it does kind of boil down to that, doesn’t it?  Just get up, and move your butt!  Sorry if it sounds crude, but that’s it.   There are lots of other things that are important for good health, but getting out there and shaking your booty is probably the most important.  Shake your booty–shake up your life.

As much as we’d all like to snap our fingers and have our lives be different–be better, we can’t expect our lives to change unless our behavior changes.  One of the very simplest and most direct ways to do this is to get up and move our bodies through space.  Don’t worry about how much and how far.  Don’t worry about how much other people are shakin’ theirs and if shakin’ yours is making it any smaller.  Just shake it honey!  Move your bloomin’ arse!  Not sure how to begin?  Go ahead and check out the tools in the [Start] page of my website.  Enjoy!

The Fat Chick

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