Today on facebook I came across two different posts about how people in the world feel compelled to share their disappointment that not everybody in the world chooses to meet their personal standard of beauty on a 24/7 basis.  First, I came across this post from the truly awesome Fat Fox.  (Note: frustration leads to some colorful, sailor-like language.)  In this guest post on Fat But Not Afraid’s Blog, she talks about the “always wear a bra” requirement some feel compelled to share.  She also notes that those folks can just kiss her–well like I said, sailor talk.

And then I ran across this story shared on facebook by Atchka Fatty of Fierce Freethinking Fatties, in which a girl who is simply standing line and texting on her phone is photographed and made the subject of ridicule on reddit.  Be sure to read her beautiful and thoughtful response at the link above.

Honestly!  What is it with people?  Last time I checked, there was no comment button pasted on my body, ANYWHERE.  Just exactly how much ego is required in order for you to expect everybody in the entire world to continually live up to your personal rules about how they should look?  I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that amount of ego weighs more than me.

My dear Chicklettes, are you starting to see how it is not your responsibility to look the way other people think you need to look?  Are you starting to understand that the problem is not how big your butt is, but rather, how small their mind is?  Are you starting to understand that you can choose to make the fact that somebody doesn’t like you just because of your outward appearance, NOT YOUR PROBLEM?


Because you are awesome, wonderful, gorgeous and deserving of love exactly the way you are right this very moment.


The Fat Chick

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