Fund raising paired with a nice bottle from Leucadia Red.

I was talking with the amazing and awesome Marilyn Wann the other night and we got to talking about some major box sorting she had coming up.  I said, well you need a nice full bodied cabernet and some jazz to go with that.  She agreed and said, “That sounds like a blog post!”  “Yay,” I said.  So here are some of my special recommendations:

Pre-mother-in-law’s visit: wild house cleaning spree: Merlot and Zydeco music

During mother-in-law’s visit: White Cotes du Rhone and anything by Edith Piaf

Post mother-in-law’s visit: Champagne and French Pop music

Going over the first red lined version of your book manuscript: Zinfandel and Tanya Tucker

Preparing your taxes: Pinot Grigio and Billy Ray Cyrus

After finishing your taxes: MD 20/20 and any Grand Opera Tragedy by Richard Wagner

Mammogram: White Zinfandel and Brittany Spears

Your “artistic” friends come over to redecorate: Mimosas and anything by Cher

Preparing for your first-ever yard sale: Red zinfandel and Dropkick Murphys

During your first-ever yard sale: Pinot Grigio and Eminem

Celebrating the end of your only (and last) yard sale: Fume blanc and Bollywood music

So my little chicklettes, what are YOUR favorite wine and music pairings for life’s little dramas?  Write me a little note in the comments and pass the corkscrew, willya?


The Fat Chick

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  • Love it, Jeanette!
    How about:
    – Finally dumping the person you should never have dated in the first place: Two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s (any flavor that’s already in the house) and Candye Kane. (Cheese puffs optional.)
    – Getting through a media interview about fat politics where the interviewer just can’t believe fat people could be healthy, no matter how much data you cite: a big glass of water and a dram of Laphroaig back, with Nomy Lamm or Jill Scott played loud.

    I admit, I haven’t thought of pairing wine with my whine, but what a fun thing!

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