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Stay home and boogie down with me and my peeps!

We’re all sheltering in place and frankly going a bit stir crazy.  You know what would help?  Exercising with me and my peeps helps bust those blues.  EveryBODY Can Exercise: Senior Edition is a super fun workout for people of all ages that can be done standing or sitting or a little of each.  Featuring easy choreography, feather boas, shiny beads and a sassy attitude this workout is a whole heap of silly joy.  And you know what?  Kids love it too!  The DVD is available from Amazon or direct on my site.  The fastest and least expensive way is to buy it directly from me, we’ll give you 25% off the regular price!  Just use coupon code “StayHomeSpecial”  This coupon can also be used towards any of The Fat Chick workout products but will expire soon, so don’t wait!

EveryBODY Can Exercise

Posted by Everybody Can Exercise w/The Fat Chick on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Workouts that are SAFE, EASY, and FUN

for klutzes, wimps, ongoing exercisers and absolute beginners.

Dear Friend,

I’d like to ask you an important question: WHAT’S THE MOST FUN YOU’VE EVER HAD WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON? Does the word exercise fill your little heart with dread? Does it conjure up memories of that awful PE teacher you had in third grade or that step aerobics class that almost killed you? Well then friend, it’s time to come and work out with ME! Because honey, The Fat Chick knows how to have fun while she’s working up a sweat!


Based on knowledge gleaned over a lifetime of getting my own big butt in motion and decades of teaching people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, I can help you learn to love your body and love exercise again. I can help you work out in a way that is gentle, safe and FUN. I can get you on a healthier path. I’ll help you:

•Revise your thinking about your body and your relationship with fitness

•Design an exercise program that fits your life and your body.

•Get you started on a journey towards fitness and help you stay on that journey

Will I Lose Weight?

Maybe and maybe not. Every BODY is different. But whether you lose weight or not, I’ll help you feel better, sleep better, have more fun in the sack and be healthier. What’s not to love?

Ready for some FREE Fun?

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Jeanette gets Every BODY Moving!

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HEY! Let’s work out at YOUR House!

While working out with me in Los Angeles is awesome, we can totally exercise at your house too!  You can buy my book or DVD and we can dance together whenever you want at a pace that is good for YOU!  Both the book and the DVD are progressive meaning they meet you where you are and help you get stronger little by little.  And of course they have me in them so they are TONS OF FUN!

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Learn how to become a regular exerciser, love fitness and love your body again, even if you haven’t worked out in a while (or ever)!

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Dear Media Professionals,

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